Feb 05, 2021

Our Year in Review - Treeapp Planting Sites 2020

2020 has been amazing for Treeapp! With your help we have planted trees all over the world, restored woodlands, employed local communities and provided habitat and shelter for native species.

A big thank you from all of us at Treeapp for dedicating time every day to plant trees in order to create new forests.

We are happy to say: Our first year of planting operations has made quite the impact!

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Stories from our Treeapp Sites in 2020

Guinea - Repopulating Mangrove Swamps

In September 2020, Treeapp started supporting the repopulation of mangrove swamps along coastlines and waterways in Guinea. These had been destroyed in order to cultivate shrimp and fish farms. Our Mangroves are currently 6 months old and are already starting to absorb carbon, helping to cool the atmosphere and restore aquatic ecosystems!

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Photo: Mangroves planted on the Treeapp Site in Kaback, Guinea in September 2020.

Kenya - Providing landslide protection and fostering economic growth

In Kenya, Treeapp trees have been planted in a 5,000-hectare protected forest in Kijabe, north of Nairobi. Our trees, including the native Olive and Cape chestnut, were planted in the ground during the two wet seasons, from May – June and October – November 2020. As a result of our planting activities, the local community has received sustainable employment opportunities, landslide protection and will benefit from fruit harvests in years to come.

Tanzania - Restoring forests in the Usambara Mountains

Our planting operations in Tanzania began in June 2020. We planted trees with local schools in Vuga Kiluwai and Nyankei, Lushoto. Environmental awareness and the sustainable management of forests are taught as an integral part of education here – a mission that our local planting partner is very passionate about! In 2021, Treeapp will also be supporting a local landscape restoration project in the Kilimanjaro region.


Photo: Treeapp sponsors trees planted in schools as part of environmental education. Who wouldn’t love to learn how to plant and grow a tree?

Ethiopia - Taking action against desertification

In 2020, Treeapp’s main objective of planting trees in the mountainous region to the north-west of Adigrat was to restore the original forest cover. Because of recent political conflict between Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia and the central government, instability has affected local smallholders. To ensure continued planting and conservation efforts, Treeapp will be supporting affected farmers in 2021.

Mozambique - Restoring degraded coastal areas

Our planting projects in the south of Mozambique have contributed to rehabilitating the coastal areas by restoring large mangrove swamps. Almost half of the country’s forests have been degraded. Treeapp plants red and white mangroves here as they do not need tree nurseries to be established. For this reason, mangroves require less maintenance and can be planted by Treeapp all year round!

Burundi - Rehabilitating species-rich lowland forests

During the months of August – October 2020, our trees were carefully grown in tree nurseries around Giko Hill in the province of Bubanza. These trees have been planted in the ground between October – January 2020. We at Treeapp particularly love that our local planting partner has been expanding its practice of using biodegradable seedling bags made from banana peels!

Picture 5.png

Photo: Biodegradable seedling bags are brought to the tree nurseries.

Indonesia - Preventing flooding disasters

Since May 2020, Treeapp has planted mangrove trees on Biak Island in order to protect villages from flooding. Mangroves can be planted all year round and therefore our partnership creates employment for locals throughout the year. As 75% of the population on Biak Island live by traditional farming and fishing practices, our planting efforts here will provide multiple benefits to local communities.

Madagascar Coastal - Bringing marine life back to the island

Treeapp supports the mission of repopulating coastal mangrove systems on the island. Over 80% of forests have been cleared in Madagascar, making the planting efforts of our local partners imperative to the survival of biodiversity and locals alike. Our planting partner provides local communities with the training on how to collect mangrove propagules and plant the seeds into the ground.

Madagascar Continental - Rehabilitating native animals & forests

Treeapp has also planted deciduous trees in continental Madagascar. Animals including lemurs and tenrecs are relocated to these regenerated areas and away from degraded land, made infertile from excessive logging activities. Planting was carried out all year round with increased planting during November and December 2020. We at Treeapp love the emphasis on protecting and caring for wildlife and providing native species with secure habitats!

lemur.jpg Photo: It is common to spot lemurs making the newly established planting sites their homes.

Haiti - Cultivating sources of nutritious fruits

In 2020, the majority of our trees were planted in the ground during the rainy season between March – November. As the country is also affected by the issue of food insecurity, our efforts have been directed towards planting fruit trees. Species such as orange, lemon and coconut trees are planted in the north and south of Haiti. Fruit trees will also remain the priority for our planting efforts in 2021.

Brazil - Conserving and restoring threatened ecosystems

This year our planting operations have taken place in Pernambuco, the south of Brazil in order to restore the Atlantic forest. The start of the planting season was, nevertheless, postponed to November 2020 due to strict government regulations as a result of Covid-19. But with a second rainy season in March 2021 in the north of Brazil, Treeapp will begin its planting efforts in Minas Gerais as well. This year we will focus on restoring key forest areas around water basins and springs in order to uphold current water supply in the area.

Picture 7.png

Photo: Our local planting project coordinator Joaquim Freitas planting saplings in order to regreen the hilly uplands.

Nepal - Anchoring mountainous soil to prevent natural disasters

Our reforestation projects in the mountainous region of Nawalparasi have planted native Catechu and Myrobalan trees which have helped to mitigate the effects of natural disasters by anchoring soil and absorbing large amounts of water during flash floods and heavy rainfall. These trees have been planted in the ground between June and October 2020. The leadership team of the planting sites is entirely composed of women in order provide them with the opportunity of employment in a country where gender equality remains pervasive.

Peru - Supporting farmers’ reforestation efforts

In Peru, our trees have been planted in Lechuga, in the region of Piura during September and October 2020. Exposed to mountainous weather conditions, Treeapp supports the planting of tree species such as walnut and fig which have vigorous roots and can withstand changing microclimates. All trees have been planted by farmers and local development in Piura has been thriving as a result of the reforestation initiatives carried out across the area.

Picture 1.jpg Photo: Treeapp supports farmers such as Mr. Jesús Piñin, who owns a plantation.

If you haven’t joined us yet, download Treeapp today. Looking forward to planting with you in 2021!